tirsdag den 12. oktober 2010

West Homes Rules made by Martino aka the Godfather (and Eleni :D):

West Homes Rules made by Martino aka the Godfather (and Eleni :D):

1.No one has the right to live in West Homes if he can’t answer the question: “Do you know Wagner?”

2.You are allowed not to know Wagner ONLY IF you love Mozart.

3.Keep in mind that Mozart is NOT French!

4.If Gábor went out with Fabian (German boy) and they are supposed to come back for dinner, you only need to cook for ONE person.

5.If you go for a trip with Line, bring a military equipment and be ready to obey all her orders.

6.If you go clubbing with Jan make sure that there is not a bomb hidden under his pull.

7.If Alvaro asks you for a fag… Keep a safe distance!

8.If you have run out of money remind Gábor that living in a psychiatric hospital is not that safe… Then put your empty wallet outside his door and you will find it full of money the day after. What a miracle!!

9.If one day you feel pessimistic and that you can’t stand human beings, go to the living room and watch “the planet of the apes”. Stupid monkeys will make you feel better!

10.When the fire alarm starts ringin, check first that ir´s really the fire alarm and not Jeanne screaming in the corridor!

Safety rules:

-If the fire alarm starts ringing in the night, don’t worry and keep sleeping.

-If you hear the others screaming and running, don’t worry and keep sleeping: It must be the new ones who don’t know yet.

-If everybody has gone, the alarm hasn’t stopped and you start feeling a warming sensation around you… Maybe its better to have a look!

Love u


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